Consider a Switchboard Upgrade for Your Home

If your home’s switchboard upgrade is getting on in age, it may be time to upgrade it. Older switchboards are often outdated, contain asbestos-backed materials, and may not have a safety switch or fuse. Additionally, all electrical work must meet current legislation. The amount of time required to upgrade your switchboard depends on the age of your home and where it is located. However, the effort involved is well worth the results.


switchboard upgradeA switchboard upgrade can be costly, but it is an investment in the safety of your home. There are a few factors to consider before getting one installed. First, you should consult a local electrician, who can provide a quote for the work. Also, you should consider the type of switchboard you have and whether you need a 3-phase power upgrade. An electrician can also check the wiring throughout your house for any problems. For professional switchboard upgrade services, check out at now. 

An outdated switchboard may also be a sign of other problems in the electrical system. For example, an outdated switchboard could mean a higher fire risk and increased electrical load. An upgraded switchboard can handle the current and reduce the risk of tripping circuit breakers. A new switchboard will also prevent ongoing power cuts or circuit breaker problems. So, contact a local electrician today if you think it’s time for an upgrade.

Safety switches

To test safety switches, open the switchboard and push the ‘Test’ button on each one. If they trip, the safety switch is not operating properly. Call an electrician for a check if you do not get a trip. Make sure the switches are working correctly at the beginning of daylight savings. Also, you should check for water leaks and accumulated debris inside electrical fittings. You should contact a licensed electrician immediately if you have a few problems.

Adding safety switches to your switchboard upgrade is a good way to prevent electrocution. Australian Government regulations require switchboards to have safety switches. These devices are required in new electrical installations and all alterations made to existing power circuits. However, you must have them installed by a qualified electrician. This process is not difficult, but it is essential for your safety. Safety switches are small devices that can save your life. To ensure their installation, you should call an electrician and ask for a free quote.

Circuit breakers

If you have a few decades-old homes, you may want to consider a circuit breaker switchboard upgrade for your switchboard. Circuit breakers are a better choice for several reasons. First of all, they’re safer. They’ll protect your entire electrical system and your home’s wirings. If you’re unsure about whether or not a circuit breaker upgrade is right for you, consult with a professional electrician.  For professional switchboard upgrade services, check out at now. 

Circuit breakers are designed to cut off electrical supply if they become overloaded, preventing the wiring from overheating or causing an electrical fire. If you notice that your fuses keep blowing, you’re likely experiencing an electrical overload. Upgrading your switchboard with modern circuit breakers can help your electrical system deal with the increased demand while keeping your home safe. You’ll be glad you did.

Overcrowding of wires

If your switchboard is outdated, you should consider upgrading it. This will allow it to manage a load of electricity better and reduce the risk of circuit breakers tripping. If you have old switchboards, it may be the case that the wiring is too crowded. When this happens, power will be intermittent or cut out regularly. Alternatively, you might hear humming noises and see flickering lights. You might fault your switchboard, and it is important to address it quickly.

Overcrowding of wires during a switchboard upgrade may also cause fire hazards. Wires should be separated as much as possible to prevent short circuits. If a wire is dragged against another, it will strip the insulation and leave the exposed conductors. In addition to this safety risk, overcrowding of wires can also result in a poor electrical system.

Fire risk

The electrical switchboard in your home poses a fire risk if it is not properly protected. Older switchboards are not designed to handle the demands of modern appliances. As a result, they may not be able to handle the current and may overload. In addition, damage to the switchboard panels can expose live electrical parts, resulting in an electrical shock or fire. These are just a few risks to consider when considering a switchboard upgrade.  For professional switchboard upgrade services, check out at now.