Latest Trends in Digital Marketing for Work From Home Entrepreneurs

If you are new to digital marketing, you may wonder about the latest trends. While the concept isn’t new, the latest trends are taking off faster than most of us expected. After all, the popular things are generally effective. As a work-from-home entrepreneur, you will likely find that some of the latest tools are even more useful than ever. Here are some of the trends to keep an eye on.

digital marketing SAMicro-moments

In digital marketing SA, micro-moments are small, spontaneous connections throughout the customer journey. These moments provide the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships and ultimately improve sales. With the increasing number of smartphones in the hands of consumers, businesses have an added opportunity to influence the way customers use their mobile devices. Research shows that 82% of smartphone users use smartphones to influence their purchasing decisions in stores. Therefore, brands should capitalise on micro-moments in digital marketing to get more from mobile devices.

Content segmentation

Online currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are leading businesses to focus on brand building beyond products and services. Conversational marketing is becoming increasingly common as businesses explore new ways to connect with their target audiences. This will result in more seamless interactions between businesses and their audiences. Content segmentation allows businesses to create relevant content based on the interests and behaviours of similar customers. With these developments, content marketing will soon become essential in digital marketing strategies.

While word-of-mouth advertising has always existed, the digital world has created a huge demand for user-generated content UGC. Consumers were increasingly looking for reviews and testimonials to learn more about products and services. Today, more brands are adapting to this new landscape by encouraging customers to share their content and opinions. By using audience segmentation, brands can better target customers and tailor content to each of their specific needs.

Influencer marketing

Brands are now leveraging the power of their employees in new ways. Influencers can share product information and create social proof by leveraging their social media platforms. Influencers can help brands convert customers at any stage of the purchasing process, from the consideration to the purchase. It is used in affiliate marketing programs, promo code campaigns, and live social shopping events. This marketing method has expanded beyond its early days as a tool to create brand awareness to a scalable strategy to reach a larger audience.

To maximise the benefits of influencer marketing, brands should carefully choose the right influencers. Although there is no one-size-fits-all influencer, there are some common characteristics to consider. For example, celebrities have large followings; micro-influencers are usually smaller, but their influence is still large. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, have more targeted audiences and can be found for a much lower budget.

Video marketing

In addition to user-generated content, video marketing has become one of the most effective forms of content for digital marketing. While VR and AR technologies have been around for a while, they are now making their way into video marketing. The recent pandemic has accelerated the growth of AR and VR, with brands and retailers creating virtual experiences and try-before-you-buy strategies. In addition, VR-powered games and apps have been a staple of education, keeping students interested.

Regardless of your skill level, you must remain aware of the latest video marketing trends to stay ahead of the competition. The online market and the need for versatile media are driving the growth of video content. While the basics of video content marketing have not changed much in the past decade, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure that your content is in line with the current market. In addition, video content has become a few proven ways to build a viral following.

Live streaming shopping

One of the latest trends in digital marketing is live streaming shopping. Live streaming resembles a traditional brick-and-mortar store and allows users to interact with a sales representative in real time. In addition to offering a more immersive experience, live streaming allows companies to retrieve valuable customer information. Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon have added live streaming shopping to their platforms.