Advantages of Marquee Hire

Marquee hire can be cost-effective as many providers of these facilities have a range of equipment to hire. In addition to marquees, the hiring company will provide wooden flooring, furniture and heating or music systems. Additional services such as delivery and set up can also be arranged through the marquee hire company.

marquee hire adelaideMarquee hire has many benefits. It is cost-effective, ideal for large gatherings, and easy to erect. This type of structure is also perfect for outdoor weddings. Here are a few advantages of marquee hire: The marquee can be set up in the garden or on a property, making it a versatile option for any event. Check this site to learn more:


Marquee hire is also cost-effective compared to purchasing a marquee. If you plan to hire a marquee over a long period, you will save money because you won’t need to pay for its delivery, installation and removal. In addition, you’ll be able to hire a marquee multiple times a week, which can significantly cut your cost.

However, when hiring a marquee, it’s important to note that different marquees come with different price tags. Consider the style you want, how many guests you’d like to accommodate, and your budget. More enormous marquees will require a higher hire price than smaller ones. Keep in mind that prices include carpet and marquee but exclude the costs of lining, internal dressings, and VAT. In addition, a professional marquee hire company can advise you on the type of marquee that would suit your event.

The cost of marquee hire adelaide varies depending on the size of the marquee, the location, and the services provided. For example, a 4m x 6m marquee will cost around PS8,000. It will also include hard flooring, carpet, lining, and LED Uplighters or Fairy Lighting.

Another benefit of marquee hire is its location flexibility. It can be placed in a location that is convenient for guests. For instance, it can be set up on a beach, lush farm, or even in a back garden. You can even hire a marquee hire company to set it up for you.

If you have an extra guest list, you may not be able to accommodate all of them. In this case, you can always hire a few extra tables or even place a few dance floors. The additional furniture can also be cheaper than adding marquee bays.

Ideal for large gatherings

Marquee hire is an excellent solution for large gatherings and hospitality events. A marquee offers a variety of benefits and advantages over other venue options, including flexibility in design, branding, and catering. It is also an excellent option for outdoor events because it protects from the elements.

Marquees can be used for various functions, including weddings and corporate events. The size and layout of the marquee will depend on the number of guests and the type of entertainment. The number of tables, dancefloor, and lighting will also be essential factors. The cost of a marquee will also depend on the length of the event.

Another benefit of marquee hire is that they are flexible and can be set up in picturesque settings. You don’t have to hire an expensive venue to hold a significant event; you can get a marquee on the beach. When you hire a marquee from a reputable company, you’re assured of better quality, efficient staff and superior customer service.

Easy to set up

You may have various needs and would like a marquee for your event that is easy to set up. You should consider a professional marquee hire company if this is the case. A good hirer will listen to your requirements, offer suggestions, and be available on your chosen date.

You must contact marquee hire companies early to find out whether their marquees are suitable for your event. You can get quotes from many suppliers, request an onsite visit and check availability. It will avoid wasting time and money on an ill-equipped marquee. Make sure to join organisations such as Add to Event, as this can help you reach a broad audience and expand your marquee hire business.