Decoding Neurological Disorders

Decoding Neurological Disorders

A neurological disorder is basically any kind of disorder within the nervous system caused by structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities through the brain, spinal cord or other nerves. It can result in a variety of symptoms that go from paralysis, muscle weakness and poor coordination to confusion or seizures.

Methods to prevent neurological disorders involve lifestyle changes, therapies and medication; sometimes it goes to the point of operations performed by a neurosurgeon. However, any of these measures will require a previous neural decoding.

Neural Decoding

This is a neuroscience concerned with the reconstruction of sensory and other stimuli from information that has already been encoded in the brain’s networks, referring to the ability to predict what sensory stimuli the subject is receiving based purely on action potentials. The final goal is to figure out how the electrical activities of neurons will response inside the brain. This means the process of decoding a neurological disorder goes all about finding out what different kind of stimulations will cause the brain or body to react in an abnormal way.  Here a closer look at neural decoding.

Neurological symptoms that might lead to disorders and must not be ignored go from weakness, blurry vision and dizziness; to headaches, difficulty to put thoughts together, and shock like pains in different parts of the body. Any of these symptoms should be the green light to go to a neurologist as soon as possible.

Whole-Genome Sequencing

The Whole Genome DNA sequencing has been used to decode the Charcot Marie Tooth neuropathy. It involves the sequencing of a pro-band affected by the disease, identifying all SNPs and CNVs across the genome, by focusing in any coding variant known to affect the nerve conduction. This process led to the identification of 2 proteins changing SNPs present in the SH3TC2 gene, a candidate gene that was previously associated with the Charcot Marie Tooth disease. This situation made clear the effectiveness of the whole genome sequencing to identify small variants with modest effects that might make one susceptible to any kind of neurological disease. The prices of a DNA Sequencing in free fall are also an encouragement to use the whole genome sequencing to define the genetic causes of several common heritable diseases.

Other treatments for neurological disorders

  • Brain mapping: A 3 dimensional image of the brain that allows surgeons to accurately target any dissection to the smallest degree.
  • Cyber knife: A painless and non-invasive treatment that delivers high doses of radiation to destroy tumors.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation: As a major way of decoding neural diseases, it is also used to treat those with involuntary muscle contractions and essential tremors.
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Effects of Cannabis On Neurology

mental health cbd

One of the most controversial trends happening now is the legalization and long-term effects of cannabis, including marijuana, vapes, and oils. There is overwhelmingly huge evidence of the benefits of cannabis on mental or physical health as a natural remedy, but as with all things good, too much of it could be bad. Check out some of our thoughts on how cannabis and cbd oil can effect neurology, and what might be some of the benefits and dangers when consuming these types of products, whether it’s THC or CBD.

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How Stress Can Affect Your Skin

Many people have heard of the studies that show that stress can cause problems for your body and mind. Weight is one of the leading causes of heart disease, and it can also adversely affect your skin.

When people develop conditions such as acne, rosacea, or a rash that appears out of nowhere, it is sometimes linked to excessive amounts of stress. Let’s look at the many ways that stress can affect your skin adversely, and how you can minimize these effects.

Why Does Stress Affect Your Body?

Stress can affect your body in many different ways. For example, pressure will increase the number of free radicals that are produced by the body. This can lead to illnesses and physical maladies because of how it will imbalance your entire system.

It can cause changes in hormone production, as well as disrupt enzyme production, leading to changes that can be debilitating. There is a reason that your skin is so susceptible to the effects of stress. Stress also causes blackheads, so if you feel like you are in under a lot of pressure you should consider picking one of these, they are the best blackhead facemasks on the market.

Why Is Your Skin Susceptible To Stress?

One of the main reasons that your skin is so susceptible to problems caused by stress is that it is the body’s largest organ. It would span 20 square feet if your skin were laid out linearly. Stress can also disrupt the many things that this epidermal layer regulates.

For example, skin is responsible for monitoring body temperature. It is also what allows you to experience heat, cold, and any feeling at all. Your skin is also where the pores are located.

Hairs that grow out of the pores of your skin can become clogged with dead skin cells and excess sebum, leading to the development of acne. These are just a few of the many things that can go wrong with your skin if you are always stressed.

Topical Skin Problems Caused By Stress

The problems that stress can cause the upper layer of your skin are the ones that most people worry about. That is because they are in full view of everyone passing by. If you have ever had eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis, these are skin conditions which are very hard to hide.

Although some of these are genetic, there is often a precursor to these conditions starting or getting worse. That precursor tends to be stress, typically intense amounts of it that can aggravate and change the way that your skin functions.

How Do You Resolve Skin Problems Caused By Stress?

There are so many problems caused by stress that can be resolved. Part of the healing process begins with reducing the amount of weight in your life. If you can do that, you will start to see a substantial number of these problems getting better. People that have acne, for instance, can see a dramatic change in their complexion by merely controlling their stress levels.

If that is not enough, there are always oral and topical medical treatments that a doctor can provide you with. A combination of controlling your stress levels, and using medications and creams, many of these problems will begin to dissipate.

If you have local skin problems such as rosacea, skin rashes, or acne, stress might be the main reason that you have these conditions. If you would like to resolve these issues, or at least attempt to, you can start handling your stress levels. Once they are under control, you will begin to feel better, and these skin disorders will start to diminish.

You can talk to your local physician about medications that can help you, all the while improving yourself by managing your levels of stress.

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What Is Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy?

Training for counselors typically includes cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Cognitive treatment is a very effective type of psychological health and wellness therapy and also has been made use of to assist people to transform the means they think of the problems that are causing them pain. This sort of psychiatric therapy bargains more with how a person believes the way they do and why. A good therapist will certainly aid the patient to explore their thought patterns and also their reason, along with the alternatives to their present mode of thought. Exploration of the source of the way the individual thinks is as essential as transforming the means they believe.

At the base of cognitive behavior, psychiatric therapy is the connection in between the individual and the therapist. The client has to have the ability to trust the specialist to open and also share past experiences with them. As soon as this is achieved, development could be made and also recovery could start. The specialist ought to not dominate the patient or tell them that they are incorrect for the method that they believe; instead, they should aid the individual see that their present mindset is not developing a healthy and balanced reaction or habits.

At the beginning of cognitive behavior psychiatric therapy, the primary issue that is troubling the individual is dealt with. This kind of psychological health therapy is very straight and addresses issues quickly. This offers two purposes; the individual is soothed by the stress of their issues by encountering them, and also the recovery process begins promptly. The connection of thought, as well as activities, is explored, and the cause of the current idea procedures is examined. This is why a relying on a relationship between counselor as well as a patient is so vital. Treatment could raise solid emotions as well as the individual has to feel safe when this takes place really.

As the person and counselor remain to check out the reasons for their present thought processes as well as the resulting actions, the therapist could direct the person into new idea patterns that will certainly cause new actions that aid them to handle their troubles. An effective specialist will explore the patient’s thoughts and also sensations without dismissing them as wrong or superficial. By doing this, the therapist aids the client to acknowledge just how their present ideas are creating unwanted actions or sensations and help them to discover means of believing that will enhance positive actions and feelings.

As with all psychotherapy, training for therapists is just the beginning. A specialist or therapist must pity and understanding to help their people. Cognitive actions treatment is very efficient, as well as with the best specialist can aid the patient to learn new methods of thought as well as select far better reactions and also sensations to ensure that they will experience a greater feeling of well being.

To read more about the psychotherapy training programs we provide, please visit top psychotherapist new york city

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Improving Your Brain Function With Massage

Books, studies and brain games are proven to stimulate thought processes. If you aren’t an enthusiastic reader, learner or gamer, your brain may be dormant. Let’s try a few exercises to verify if that is true. Can you remember what you dreamt yesterday night? Count backwards by 1s from 100. What is this blog about? Who performs a massage?

Easy right!

If one of the exercises posed a challenge to you, it’s not that you’re an idiot, but your brain is asleep. Chances are you spend most of your time watching the news, listening to music, playing video games or watching movies. These activities can cause harm to the receptors and diminish brain function. In short, they make you lazy and dumb. But there is help for you in form of therapeutic massage.

The healthier your brain is – the livelier and happier your life will be. Many people are walking zombies. They may look smart and talk smart, but their brains are “dead”. Ask them when you last met. Even if it was an hour ago, they would have already forgotten. Luckily, such people can make their brains fully functional through massage therapy.

Massage leverages the power of touch. Studies show that human touch steps up oxytocin levels, slows down fast heart rate and builds up your confidence and sense of trust. But does massage really improve brain function? Yes, it does. Thanks to Lasertech Clinic, we have the answers for you. Be sure to visit Lasertech Clinic for massages if you’re in the Adelaide area.

Here’s how:

High levels of cortisol and low levels of dopamine cause more stress. Therapeutic massage has an opposite effect on dopamine and cortisol levels. It also decreases brain activity in the frontal right lobe and increases it in the left.

A deep tissue massage stimulates brain receptors. The massage therapist goes deep into the layers of tissue and muscle, where the brain’s strongest connections are found. When these signals reach the brain, proteins and neurotransmitters are released to benefit the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

These systems have a tremendous impact on brain function. They form a communication network that enables the brain to receive intracellular signals during a massage. If any of these systems is compromised, problems can arise. The other two systems may get affected. Subsequently, brain activity decreases.

The brain depletes 20% of the body’s glucose reserves. To maintain the glucose levels, it’s important to eat or drink something within one or two hours before getting a massage. This ensures maximum results. The pressure applied does not affect body functions, particularly sending of intracellular signals to the brain. So whether you’re getting a therapeutic massage or a relaxing one, you can reap the rewards of improved brain activity.

In some cases, the brain should not be overstimulated. If you’re a stroke victim, too much brain stimulation can injure neurons further. Therefore, if you’re ill or injured, it’s better to consult with your primary care provider first and be sure to inform your massage therapist of any medical issues.

Everything you do or avoid to do can affect your brain. At least massage therapy with any Houston rehab centers can increase brain activity and improves the body’s ability to function efficiently. So why not give it a try?

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Head Lice Treatment – Do You Understand What You Are Up Against?

If people get head lice all they are concerned about is getting head lice treatment. Have you ever wondered precisely what you are dealing with when you’ve got head lice?

The condition of having head lice is a disorder called Pediculosis that’s been in existence for centuries causing unlimited discomfort to children and also to some extent even adults. Head lice happen because it’s an extremely infectious disease and doesn’t rely upon whether or not a man or woman is dirty or clean. While head lice aren’t deadly to people, it’s still an immensely uncomfortable affliction.

Being exceptionally sociable parasites, head lice spread and melt and suck blood out of its host about a few times every day. They pick a place of scalp and inject it with their spit to be certain that the blood they suck on flows evenly and doesn’t clot.

The first stage of lice starts out as nits or eggs out of which nymphs hatch. Each unit includes a cap-like arrangement and is firmly attached to the hair shaft. Nymphs appear from abundant nits by means of this cap following a week. Following these nymphs go through three phases of molting, they get mature lice. These mature lice require around ten times discovering the right mate. After this occurs, the male lice and feminine lice partner regularly any time of the day.

It’s intriguing to know that a female louse lays about fifty to a hundred and fifty five nit within her lifetime. Sixty percent of those units are abundant. This implies that if you’re to have ten pairs of fertile lice successfully replicating, with every single female using a one percent achievement rate concerning their nits, it’d indicate that one female louse can successfully create ninety nymphs each. Multiply this by ten and you have got nine hundred prospective lice. Utilizing a standard seventy five percent survival rate for nymphs, you may have six hundred and seventy five full-fledged lice at the conclusion of this molting period. At this time, those six hundred and seventy five will pair off. If forty five percent of these lice are feminine, and they’ve successfully inoculated with male lice, it usually means that approximately three hundred and four female lice will create forty-five million six hundred new nits. This may possibly generate a colony that’s really astounding.

Head lice removal service that combats these incredibly contagious creatures and may travel from one individual to another through intimate contact. For instance, when you espouse an infected individual, your heads almost touch one another, and before you know it, you also are infected. Employing a hat or cap or perhaps a hair brush which belongs to a comfortable individual may also offer you head lice. Sharing a bed with all the infected individual is just another sure fire way which may get you infected too.

Because not everybody likes the notion of pesticide shampoos especially for their kids, a new procedure of Houston treatment for head lice is currently available. Dimethicone is a sort of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) oil, which can be a natural non-flammable and nontoxic silicone-like material that’s effective in preventing head lice by blocking the air passage efficiently. It’s a potent solution to both effective home remedies such as mayonnaise, olive oil, thick hair creams and sprays, which cause the very same results.

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Post Injury Drug Addiction

Drug Abuse During an Injury Recovery

Most all people can empathize with the distress which might happen from some type of injury at one time or another in our own lives. Some cases might be worse than that of others, but many appear to have some comprehension of what it’s like to incur acute pain and the recovery procedure all of it involves. People who haven’t, can consider themselves the minority, and blessed few.

In recovering from broken bones, sprained ankles, tendinitis, or perhaps something as severe as a catastrophic car crash; we’re often provided a healthy source of pain medicines by our doctors, to alleviate the suffering. In taking these prescription drugs safely and according to our physicians recommendations, we might heal just fine. Though, there are instances in which a person might become hooked on the sensation of a diminished pain, or even a relaxed state of body. For this, there can be a prospect of drug addiction after having an injury.

How do I know if my loved one has become addicted to their own pain drugs and/or prescription meds?

It’s frequently the situation that an individual who’s becoming addicted to pain pills or prescription drugs, will over-exaggerate their pain level. They will immediately ask for the pain pills rather than finding different ways that to minimize their pain. These ways may include: readjusting themselves in bed, readjusting their wounded body area, loosening a bandage, etc.. If this is true, unfortunately you might be serving pills into a loved one who’s becoming hooked on their own prescription.

Another sign that your friend or relative could be getting addicted, is if your loved one appears to be recovering within a healthy and complete fashion, however, are still falling into the habit of reaching for your drug addiction treatment center. You might test your theory by choosing the prescription away in the patient’s bedside, so that they need to ask whenever they’re in need of the tablets. This really is a good way in which to track their drug usage, and possibly, abuse.

Nevertheless another indication of potential addiction, is if the dose proceeds to operate outside, before the refill is expected; or before a different bottle of this prescription is essential. Monitor your friend or family member’s tablet intake every day. If the tablets are fast disappearing, there can be an issue available.

Prescription medication has to be taken with care, and isn’t prescribed for a consistent means to prevent the matter at hand – an injury. Once somebody is injured, a specific amount of pain ought to be anticipated. The meds are there to alleviate this pain, not numb the individual entirely.

If you or somebody you care for is dealing with an expected addiction to pain or prescription drugs, it’s frequently better to talk directly with the professionals. A drug addiction treatment Houston center in your region might have the answers to questions you really have been pondering. Rehabilitation programs are everywhere, and practitioners within those centers and applications are ready and prepared to be of service.

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How The Mind Affects Physical Health

How Mental Health Relates To Physical Health

When you go to a physical therapist, you are typically setting the appointment because you are facing a situation where you do not have the mobility that you did before. Additionally, you may be in constant pain as a result of backaches, or muscles that are so sore, that you cannot move around as you did even a year ago. It could be the result of an accident such as a fall, or you may have been injured while playing sports. Either way, if you do not resolve this issue as quickly as you can, this could lead to a much larger systemic problem. Here are three reasons that you should do physical therapy if you are currently in this type of the situation.

Recovering From A Stroke

One reason that people will visit a physical therapist after a stroke is that they are going to try to improve their situation after having a stroke. Many people are left unable to move as it did before because of this occurrence. When this happens, it can affect your muscles in a significant way. Therefore, by getting physical therapy from one of these trained professionals, you can begin to regain what you once had. You may not be able to have the full mobility that you once did, but it will undoubtedly be much better, helping you to move around and experience less discomfort.

Improve Your Overall Balance

Some people experience vertigo, causing them to get dizzy when they are making sudden movements. It is also possible that you may be suffering from a condition that has affected your muscles and your ability to stand or even walk without losing your balance. It physical therapist will be able to assess your situation and make recommendations on how to improve this dizziness that you are feeling. Additionally, you may be suffering from a substantial amount of pain along with the dizziness, and all of this can be resolved by visiting a physical therapist.

Manage Diabetes

There are some that believe by going to a physical therapist they can manage their diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where your pancreas is not producing an ample amount of insulin. If you do not produce enough insulin, the amount of sugar that is in your bloodstream can be too much, causing sugar toxicity. It can also lead to gaining weight, and at an extreme level, can lead to a diabetic coma. By working with a physical therapist, they have treatments that will allow you to manage this condition.

Manage Vascular Problems

It is possible that varicose veins or other vascular problems can stem from bad circulation in the body. By seeing a physical therapist regularly, they can provide you with a massage on a continual basis that will begin to loosen your muscles up and improve overall circulation. If you have a history of vascular difficulties in your family, visiting one of these professionals on a weekly or biweekly basis can improve your circulation and diminish the possibility of developing vascular issues or help those that you currently have to get better.

When you work with a physical therapist, their primary goal is to make sure that you are in less pain and that you have more mobility. If you can achieve this by working with one of these professionals, you should have no problem at all feeling better about yourself because the way you feel is going to be so much better. When you are no longer feeling the pain that is caused by a back that is out of alignment, or muscles that are incredibly tight, you will have a better outlook on life. It can also help restore your mobility after medical incidents such as experiencing a heart attack or stroke. If you have had any of these issues, or if you are dealing with this right now, start researching your local physical therapists so you can set an appointment soon.

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Buckwheat Diet With Healthy Weight Data

Buckwheat Diet

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, one of the most important issues that we give today.Our food with the development of technology began to lose the spontaneity. Many diseases came into our lives with the consumption of non-natural food.

Unhealthy eating heart, circulation, diabetes, obesity and even cancer as one of the most important reasons for the spread of many diseases. Of course not possible to prevent the technology, but they bring miraculous food that nature has bestowed us at least be able to eat healthily by including more of our lives. One of this miraculous food buckwheat.

Although the newly recognized our country buckwheat popular in many countries with high protein value. Content of unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants (flavonoid), B1, B2 and phosphorus along with many vitamins including vitamin E, magnesium, and contains copper and zinc minerals. They also have high levels of dietary fiber.

The benefits Buckwheat

1. Low-fat diets for weight loss and healthy eating can be used to contain. The effect of suppressing the feeling of hunger is also found that the highest degree of buckwheat.

2- helps to decrease high cholesterol. According to the research that consuming 100 grams of buckwheat day in LDL cholesterol it was observed a decrease in malignant cholesterol. It has also been shown to increase HDL cholesterol benign.

3 content in the ‘choline (choline) compounds reduces fatty liver, facilitates the work of the liver and relaxes.

4- lowers high blood pressure that is effective in reducing blood pressure.

5- content in ‘routine (RT’s) fights free radicals and protects our body against cancer.

6 in Buckwheat ‘routine (RT’s) has called a flavonoid. This regulates the blood flow rate flavonoid protects the blood vessels. Blood clotting and immediately prevents increased blood loss

7 contains a high percentage of magnesium. It contains magnesium thanks to buckwheat consumption remained stable blood sugar levels of people that has emerged as a protective effect opposite to diabetes. Diabetics can consume with peace of mind compared to other carbohydrates.

Buckwheat diet

1 day

Developed by: 2 cups water + 2-3 prunes

Morning:  skim full walnut toast + 2 + 1 glass of milk (no sugar, cinnamon)

Lunch:  120 grams of lean beef + detox + plenty of leafy salad buttermilk

Afternoon:  1 bowl of ginger yogurt cure

Dinner:  1 bowl of vegetable soup with yogurt buckwheat cure +

Nights:  1 large kiwi

2 days

Developed by:  2 cups water + 2 day dry

Breakfast:  1 boiled egg + 1 teaspoon honey + 2 slices whole wheat meat + 1 cup of white tea (unsweetened)

Lunch:  Unlimited fish (grilled or baked should be preferred) + 1 + plenty of arugula salad bowl of lentil soup

Afternoon:  10 + 10 almond nuts

Dinner:  buckwheat salad with walnut + detox buttermilk

Night:  2 thin slices of pineapple

3 days

Developed by:  2 cups water + 2 full walnuts

Morning:  1 cup milk mixture karabu?dayl

Lunch:  grilled chicken Unlimited + walnut salad with buckwheat

Afternoon:  2 + 1 cup of whole wheat biscuits, milk and coffee

Dinner:  1 bowl of vegetable soup with yogurt buckwheat cure +

Nights:  1 cup pomegranate juice.

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How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

Running After 60: How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

No one is too old to aspire for a healthier life and become physically active. Anybody can run as long as they are fit to do so.The health benefits from running when you are 60 years old or more are about the same as for younger people.

These benefits lower your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary diseases and cancer, among others. In addition staying physically active at this age reduces the likelihood of developing anxiety, depression, obesity and other neurodegenerative health problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

But older runners need to be more careful as the risk of injuries increases with age. It is especially important for older runners to focus on their coordination, muscle strength and bone density to prevent falling that may cause bone fractures.

Check With Your Doctor

Before Anything else, anyone at the age of 60 or over should seek a doctor’s advice before they begin any program. They will check for possible health problems like joint problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems that can possibly become a hindrance to running.

You must be cleared for all of these four health concerns to ensure that you can run safely. If not, doctors can recommend medications for these issues to support your decision for a healthier lifestyle.

After getting your doctor’s approval, it is best to seek the help of a professional for you to get started on an program. Your doctor may recommend you to a personal trainer or a fitness professional to prepare your body for running. Most advice that older runners get are basically the same as everyone else’s – start slow and gradually build up.

Strengthen Your Muscles

If you are a beginner at running, your fitness coach will set you up with muscle strengthening programs. These trainings involve exercises like carrying weights and stretching muscles particularly targeting your hip flexors function. Such exercises help build up your core to endure the impact of running long distances.

Hip flexors are a group of muscles located in your upper thighs and pelvic region. They are partly responsible for driving your knees up while keeping your thighs and pelvis aligned. Hip flexors are important for running, especially for athletes and aging adults. Strengthening these muscles provide stability to your core and prevent injuries in the hips and joints – the two problems common with exercising at an old age.

Get The Proper Nutrition

The lining of your intestines wears down with age, so it does not absorb as efficiently as it used to 40 years ago. Even though you are living an active lifestyle by exercising and running, your body’s need for nutrients did not decrease.

The best way to get the right amount of nutrition is by taking your daily multivitamins. This is vital especially for older adults who are reducing their calorie intake as a natural effect of aging. Make sure that your multivitamins has the recommended B vitamins. As vitamin B is important in boosting cellular growth and immunity.

Probiotics is also a good addition to your diet. Your intestines need the healthy bacteria found in tempeh, miso and yogurt. Restoring your intestines’ healthy flora will build up the mucosal lining of the gut and improve nutrition absorption.

Eat A Joint Friendly Diet

Make sure to eat more anti-inflammatory foods. Select fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds, spices and nuts. These are packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that prevent inflammation to support your joints.

Including fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, sardines and mackerel twice a week can also increase your intake of omega-3. If you prefer to skip eating fish, you can take fish oil capsules instead.

Here are other ways to manage your running to keep joints healthy:

  • Make sure to avoid over training, especially when you are still beginning to run.
  • Low aerobic training is helpful in preventing injuries, so add it to the mix. Some examples include cycling, swimming and aqua-running.
  • Make sure to stretch your hip flexors and other muscles before and after training to warm up and improve elasticity.
  • Weak muscles come with old age. Make sure to compensate for the declined muscle mass by adding more weight training.

The human body after 60 may feel frail. But with the right preparation, older people can still continue to perform extraordinary athletic feats as long as they take the process one step at a time.

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Vasayo’s Partnership Opportunity

Vasayo’s Launch and The Business Chance it Brings

Baby steps might get you through the fields of life, but you
need giant leaps to cross its chasms. Liposome Supplement Encapsulation vaulted over a major hurdle this May when it launched, marking its crossover from blueprint idea to tangible
product. The company was started to provide you with the nutrition you need to
stay healthy as you go through your daily life.


At Vasayo we know how hard it is to get the recommended levels of every single
nutrient the body needs. In fact, we’re aware that 92% of all Americans are
deficient in at least one vitamin. We also know how stress can lower the levels
of many nutrients in the body as your daily routine takes its toll on

That’s why this company was started. To ensure you get the supplements you need
to live a healthy life, because without them it’s a game of Russian
roulette with illness.

Not only will we provide you with the supplements you need to make better
health a reality, but we’ll reward you for it. With our partnership program you
get to be part of something growing. A partnership with us means that you get
access to our reward system. Currently, there are eight ways for you to earn a
reward with Vasayo including sales bonuses, and product introduction bonuses.
You could also earn a reward with a team bonus and matching bonuses.

If you are successful enough, you could go further and get a lifestyle trip, or
even have access to multiple business centers. But those are just the financial
rewards. Vasayo makes sure that all those who reach the black diamond tier are
recognized on the company’s website, so that others can be inspired by how far
they’ve gone in changing lives.

Partner with Vasayo today, and make a change to your life that you’ll never
forget, because in a world full of people chasing glitter, you want to be the
one holding gold.

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